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CfP: ViraVerita Interdisciplinary Encounters E-Journal / Issue 16



Editors: İlkay Özküralpli, Şeyma Sağdıç, Ulaş Karadağ

Throughout history, the concept of "property" has been at the center of social conflicts debates. While neoliberal capitalism deepens social and economic inequalities dramatically and viciously, property continues to shape our daily lives, especially with its 'non-existence'. In our 16th issue, we are focusing on the relations that reveal and transform property. In this context, we invite you to discuss the economic, political, legal, cultural and philosophical aspects of these relations, the historical and contemporary forms of dispossession practices and their new epistemology, the transformations of the property regarding the development of technology and digitalization, and the forms of struggle enabling the subversion of property relations. In accordance with this theme we identify the topics below, but we encourage all articles, interviews and book reviews focusing on our topic beyond these points.


Points of Discussion

• Property and capitalism

• Property in the history of philosophy

• Expanding property forms

• Private property etc. common property

• Dispossession and accumulation

• Old and new enclosure practices

• Neoliberalism and new enclosure epistemologies

• Old and new commons

• Anthropology of property

• War and property

• Property and social struggles

• Financialization of daily life and property

• Indebtedness

• Property, law and justice

• Property and cultural rights

• Intellectual property

• Digitization, cyberspace and property

• Gender-based approaches to property

• Treasure practices

• Narratives of dispossession in literature and cinema

We also welcome any contribution from all social sciences outside the special issue’s theme.


Submission Deadline: August 15th, 2022 

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