How to Rewrite History on the Screen: Bridgerton (2020)


This article aims to explain, with an example, how historical dramas, under the scope of culture industry, rewrite history on the screen through distorting it. For this purpose, in the first chapter, it is defined who the subject that interprets and recreates the past is. Then, in the second chapter, a Netflix series, Bridgerton (2020) is taken as a recent example in connection with the previous chapter to reveal the instrumental historiography at the back of the production. Thus, it becomes possible to enlighten the intention and the motivation of such a historiography along with the mechanism that tries to make individuals believe fiction rather than facts. In conclusion, an evaluation is given on the example while especially focusing on the consequences of the instrumental historiography that the series has.

Keywords: Historiography, historical consciousness, culture industry, Netflix, Bridgerton.

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