Call for papers: ViraVerita E-Journal /Issiue 12 "Material Culture and Technology: Investigations on the relationships between human and objects"

Call for papers: ViraVerita E-Journal /Issiue 12 "Material Culture and Technology: Investigations on the relationships between human and objects"

Material Culture and Technology: Investigations on the relationships between human and objects 

Special Issue Editors:  Aslı Yazıcı Yakın, Meriç Kükrer

Deadline for the papers: 15.08.2020

The concept of material culture which refers to the relationships between human and objects has undergone a transformation by freeing itself from the inflexible limits of established and institutional frames of the disciplines, namely archeology and anthropology, and emerged as an interdisciplinary study known as material culture studies. It investigates the relationships between artefacts/objects and humans irrespective of periodization and place and it systematically concerns itself with the connections between the production of material culture and the construction of social reality. It  postulates the distinctions between  sociology, anthropology, philosophy  and psychology as arbitrary and redundant and it employs a critical approach to the reification of  categories of analysis into separate spheres such as economics, politics, ideology or utilitarian. It does not distinguish between philosophical and theoretical investigations from the practical research process and accepts theory as practice and practice as theoretical accordingly. We have some further additions to these essential points which stressed by Christopher Tilley in his preface to Reading Material Culture. The first one is the need of a critical distance to the concepts of material and culture and the second point is the necessity to include the concept of technology into the investigation. Neither the relationships and the objects within the context of material culture are external to technology nor the topics which has been investigated within the scope of technology and society are unconnected from the material culture studies.

Taking this as our starting point we, as ViraVerita Peer Reviewed e- journal, extend our call for papers for our 12th issue which will be published under the topic of “Material Culture and Technology: Investigations on the relationships between humans and objects”. Topics of interest are categorized as Theoretical Perspectives Related with Material Culture; Body, Senses, Materiality and Material; Memory, Representation and Power; Process and Transformation.

We are pleased to invite you to submit original contributions in the following, but not limited to, topics:

Theoretical Perspectives on Material Culture

  • The problematic of material culture studies after disciplinary limitations
  • Structural, semiotic, phenomenological, post structural, colonial, feminist and Marxist approaches to the objects and relationships between humans and objects
  • Differences between material culture studies and STS (technology and society studies) with regards to the construction of the object
  • Are the differences between the concepts of material culture and technology related to the academic and institutional practices or based on ontological premises?

Body, Senses, Materiality, Material

  • How people experience (experience as referring to an active self) cities, streets and architectural designs and embodiment relationships?
  • How technology and objects transform our perception?
  • How do we make sense and experience of the relationship between objects and materials? Is the material of the object invisible?
  • Daily objects, domestic objects
  • Style, design and function of objects

Memory, Representation and Power

  • Authentic objects, antique objects, original and the copy
  • Monuments, museums and collections
  • Articulations: the social life and political meanings of objects
  • Objects, cultural heritage and preservation
  • Privileged objects in collective, cultural and personal memory
  • Migrating objects
  • Holy objects, magical objects
  • National identity and objects

Process and Transformation

  • Material culture as technology
  • Philosophy of technology and objects
  • Human as creator of machines, creativity and invention
  • Waste, garbage, broken, mulfunctional, disordered objects 
  • Is technology a monobloc concept or what are the different meanings and interpretations of particular technologies?

As the team of ViraVerita Peer Reviewed e- journal we welcome any contribution from all fields of social sciences. We would just as well be glad to allocate a space for your off-topic articles and translations.

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